Digital Design Director



07 Graphic Tee Design

“So, around 2013 or so I was sitting on some stairs, eating a kale salad for lunch while working for this small t-shirt brand as a design consultant, and was joking with the owners about how kale was EVERYWHERE and I was sick of it but still eating it and I didn’t even know why. I remember muttering something about how it was the new status symbol. I remember having the idea sitting on these basement stairs because I am sporty and have always loved American college sweatshirts. So I was like "guys what if we did a Yale sweatshirt but wrote Kale?" and they were like "UM YES" and so we did it. And completely randomly, Beyoncè picked it off a stylist rack and wore it for her "7/11" video, and we had a hit on our hands. I remember I was on a plane to New York at the time for a different brand I was working for, and I had my phone off because that’s what you did back then, and I landed and the video had dropped that day but I didn't know about it yet. And my phone had absolutely melted. I think I got a text message from everyone I'd ever met.”

Selected Works